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The Exterior and block-diagram TS ILL. Fig 1.

Fragments of pictures demonstrating system operation under various conditions. Fig 2-8.

-Человек за кроной дерева. Рис.9

- Номер автомобиля. Рис. 10

- Люди в а/м с тонированными стеклами. Рис. 11

- Обнаружение а/м среди растительности. Рис. 12

The television system with impulse laser lighting is a new TV system enabling the operation in hard meteorological conditions.

The most promising fields of application are:

  • Cost guard: for the protection of area of water, harbors, etc.
  • Navigation: for the installation on ships and boats for the navigation under night and hard meteorological conditions.
  • Airports: the monitoring of runways and other parts of airports.
  • The protection of sea fishing.
  • TV systems for underwater application (for example, submarines).
  • The monitoring of underwater pipelines, cables, and oil (gas) wells.
  • The underwater monitoring of fish and other sea animals.
  • The use in underwater rescue missions.

Внешний вид оптического блока










The System is noted by silver medals on 47-ohm International Salon of the inventions Brussels eureka 98 .


"Лазерная система видеонаблюдения объектов в условиях плохой видимости"

Электротехнические и информационные комплексы и системы. №3, т.3, 2007

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