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Russian R&D Institute "Platan" seeks partners for realization of investment projects, based on different applications of electron-beam-pumped-semiconductor laser (EBPL)

Mobile Three-Color Laser Emitter of Light Pulses with Nanosecond Duration

Proposed is mastering the production of the pulse emitters that can be widely used as nonalternative light sources for:

- photorecording of high-speed processes (up to 15 km/s) during investigation of aerodynamic properties of aircraft supersonic and hypersonic speeds;

- TV viewing object with time-spatial selection in scattering atmosphere and water media;

- forming of multicolor light beams of a given spatial configuration in small-size mobile air and sea navigation systems;

-simultaneous atmosphere probing by short pulses at several wavelengths in systems of ecological monitoring of air.

The main distinctive feature of the project is production of a device combining achievements in semiconductor electronics and in high-current emissive electronics. The usage of the device gives can improve research efficiency and makes it possible to conduct engineering of gas-turbine engines at a qualitatively higher level, to determine configuration of ballistic objects, devices and sets in which plasma is used, and also to increase safety of vehicles traffic under the condition of poor visibility.

The implementation of the pulse laser emitters enables one to develop simple, reliable and efficient equipment with unique technical features in the above applications.

Comparison with analogs. The semiconductor laser emitter for visualizing high-speed processes has unique features. Wide spectral range of emission (50 A) and large beam divergence (20 -30) make possible absolutely uniform illumination of an active area with no interference, resolution of interference stripes being limited by resolution of interferometer's receiving part only. The outstanding prospects for plasma researches are offered by possibility to obtain emission at several wavelengths simultaneously by using one emitter, light pulse short delay time (0,5x10-6 s) and fast emission time in reference to control pulse permit to study processes of up to 15 km/s speed. The laser pulse emitter is unique in the world practice in its applications.

The emitter is a key element of the new generation equipment operating in the mode of TV images time-spatial selection that ensures air safety, automobile, railway, and water transports traffic safety under the conditions of mist, snow-fall, and strong dust. In addition, the emitter can be used in automated complexes designed for submarine and underground works and coil mines.

All the emitter elements have know-how enables us to claim that in the near future no firm in the world can manufacture the emitter on the current "Platan's" level.

Degree of mastering. A production prototype with drawings and technological documents is developed.

Patentee's assertion. The main functional units and the laser emitter are asserted by Russian patents. The laser emitter is rewarded with the golden medal and diploma of the "Brussel-Eureka-96" 45-th World Invention Salon.

The most important measures to realize the project.

- Optimization of laser target productions steps;

- Optimization of the processes of basic functional units production;

- Accumulation of main materials and standard equipment sets;

- Manufacture of a pilot batch.

This project is presented by the cooperation of R&D Institute "Platan" and Scientific-Production Firm "Gamma", LTD.

Contact person for this project - Dr. Igor M. Olikhov.

Mail Address: Talsinskaya 20/24, Stchelkovo, Moscow Region, 141100 Russia, Phone: +7 096/ 564-5226. E-mail: